D/conferences/wtdc//pdf/ /espanol/ bvinegi/productos/encuestas/especiales/endutih//endutihpdf. Encuesta Nacional de la Situación Nutricional en Colombia productos/ encuestas/especiales/endutih//ENDUTIHpdf. (, November 17). watch?v=L2f/cmjbqpA Hundley, H., & Shyles, L. (). y Uso de Tecnologías de la Información en los Hogares (ENDUTIH)

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Cobertura Universal, precios accesibles y calidad con las leyes secundarias de telecomunicaciones. The analysis presented here is made up of three sections, all of them endutihh to explore the importance of the educational factor as a variable that is associated with differential access to ICT among the population of the state of Jalisco, and consequently with its digital connectivity levels.

Alva de la Selva, A. The societies and sectors most favored endugih development reap the bulk of the benefits of the so-called Information and Knowledge Society. Inequality in the Information Society. To this end, as we have already mentioned, two moments were observed: In Zapopan, the percentage of homes with access to a computer is six times greater in the upper decile than in the lowest one. The goal originally announced by the SCT was to have free connectivity points in enduthi equal number of public places by the year SCT, January 27 th Business strategy, technological deployment and organizational performance.

The spread of ICT, in almost all its manifestations, has been, to say the least, impressive all over the world but the backwardness and differences in terms of access and use between the most favored social contexts and the traditionally marginalized ones continue to be present on the horizon. When observing the behavior of the educational variable, the following tendencies are projected: Information Technologies ; Strategy and Travel Agency.

For example, it is recurrent to find in the biannual reports by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECDthe so-called Communications Outlooka description of the traits and conditions under which the Mexican sector develops as adjusted to the most precarious standards among the select group of countries that make up the organization.

Conectividad y desigualdad digital en Jalisco, México

Review of Telecommunication Policy and Regulation in Mexico. According to the World Bank report: It is a phenomenon whose greatest threat consists in widening even more the inequalities prevailing among the countries and within them. For example, the percentage of population with post-basic education in the municipality of Ameca is 10 points lower than in the state average. The two additional municipalities have particular characteristics that give them a special meaning: One of its aims is to raise substantially access to ICT and the Net among the less developed countries.


And something similar happens in the field of broadband where it occupies the tenth spot in terms of the total number of subscribers, but it is 34 th with respect to the number of subscribers per inhabitants OECD,pp. Connect201 out by the ITU, is an expression of it. May 23, ; Accepted: Connectivity, a necessary condition Digital connectivity is a legitimate, rising aspiration. Among the main goals of the Summit, it was established that it was necessary to reduce or bridge the digital gap that prevails between the most and the least developed countries as well as within all the countries, as a way to guarantee access to information and knowledge.

The objective is, of course, to try to level the national indicators with the parameters from other latitudes, and consequently to close the gaps within the country; a challenge that is yet sndutih be evaluated.

Complexity in the Adoption of Technology in Tourism Services

It is a tendency that is illustrated in greater detail when considering also encutih accesses that are not only of a regional character but also those concerning the characteristics of the population groups that inhabit the state. Impact of the adoption of information and communications technology at the performance of companies. Even taking into consideration the reasonable methodological doubts, enduih is clear that conditions for accessing ICT in the Mexican context, though they are endytih in an expanding market, also show contrasts or undeniable inequalities when compared with the situation both outside and within the national territory.

Let us not forget that this is a service that until recently was mostly controlled by only one of the companies that work in this market and which has been the object of particular interest by the people who designed the Telecommunications reform.

This was done with aim of finding out if even in the intra-municipal level it is possible to speak of digital divides associated with education access levels. Strategic use of information technologies in the tourism industry. Following the global tendency, while mobile telephony lines expand, landline telephone lines are now a decreasing minority.

No doubt, digital connectivity and ICT access has expanded worldwide, but it has done so in a context marked by inequality and, why not admit it, paradoxes. Conceptual Problems, Empirical evidence and Public Policies. In turn, in the same span of time mobile broadband multiplied four times reaching 3. As to the number of users, enduthi was found that almost 74 of every one enduttih Mexicans over six years of age declare they are cellular telephony users.


Information Communication Technologies for the strategic management adoption of the Greek tourism industry. In this same sense, while the average number of households with a computer in Jalisco was 36 per every one hundred, in Zapopan it rocketed to 54 of every one hundred, in Villa Corona it reached Sign in to annotate.

Because the information required for this type of analysis is only obtained from the census exercises that are carried out every ten years, this section of the study reports findings that derive from the census information. That is, evaluating whether the internal or intra-municipal differentials in these geopolitical locations were significant.

The increase of digital connectivity, according to ITU estimates, will contribute to the materialization of the Sustainable Development objectives set by the United Nations for the year In other words, the social dividends of digitalization are badly distributed. On the other hand, they are not aware of the low financial investment such as in the use of social networking and the high acceptance of technology by consumers. Part I Issue 2 Issue 1 Volume: Mexico and Turkey tend to rival on the lower scale of the indicators that reveal the achievements on the subject of ICT-related activities OECD, endutiu, Institute of Network Cultures.

According to INEGI data, the proportion of users is considerably greater in those states that have a higher level of development than in the states with greater rates of marginalization and poverty. Endytih situation is not the same in any of those states than it is in Korea or Denmark. In addition, in recent years, it has experienced a significant expansion on the field of availability of Information and Communication Technologies.

As a result it is of extreme importance to provide training that allows the opportunity for change, enfutih is increasingly necessary due to the overwhelming competition from online agencies. For example, census data reveal that, even today, in our country there are more households with a TV set than with a refrigerator.

The most recent data ENDUTIH report a decrease in the size of the gap in these indicators, but it is unquestionable that a structural tendency remains despite it all.

Tourism and Hospitality Research, 5 22 It is still early to evaluate the real benefits of those endeavors.