ESTUDIO WHI, REVISTA DE MENOPAUSIA, SALUD, REVISTAS MÉDICAS. Actualidad Inmediata Debido a la importancia de esta investigación y al impacto en. WHI. Progestin. Estrogen. Tibolone. Cardiovascular disease. Tromboembolic disease . Boletín de la Asociación Española para el Estudio de la Menopausia, . Los trastornos de la menopausia pueden ser evitados y combatidos Sin embargo, recientes estudios, como el estudio WHI, han puesto en duda los beneficios.

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Impacto del estudio WHI en pacientes y medicos. There is no reason to avoid postmenopause hormone medication when indicated and not contra-indicated. The effects of soy protein containing phytoestrogens on menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women.

Isoflavonas y menopausia | Clínica e Investigación en Ginecología y Obstetricia

Those data describe increased risk of an entire population, not the increased risk for individual women [ 3 ]. Nutr Cancer, 26pp. To reassess the need of HRT after four years of therapy and not recommend HRT for the sole purpose of preventing chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis as other alternatives are available To promote the use of additional and alternative non-hormonal strategies for maintaining health and preventing disease in symptom free women of middle age and beyond.


Differences in effects between cognitive domains suggest that more than one mechanism may be involved. Second, dstudio must be stressed that the main goal is women’s health and not hormonal therapies.

Background Placebo controlled randomised clinical trials are considered to be the gold standards to assess the real risks and benefits of chronic treatments.

The WHI decision to stop the estrogen progestin arm does not necessarily change a wise clinician’s decision as to the best clinical care of a postmenopausal woman. Isoflavone rich soy protein isolate attenuates bone loss in the lumbar spine of perimenopausal women. Effects of genistein and hormone-replacement therapy on bone loss wui early postmenopausal women: Menopause, 7pp. Intern J Cancer, 81pp. Hu FB, Grodstein F, et al.

Bone Miner Res, 17pp. Dietary soy has both beneficial and potencially adverse cardiovascular effects: In the protocol of the study it is mentioned that women had to have a base line mammography [ 5 ].

The past, the present and the future. Unlike HERS which showed no benefit or harm after 6. This is a sign of excessive dose for women between Evaluation of soy phytoestrogens for the treatment of hot flashes in breast cancer survivors: Phytoestrogens supplements for the treatment of hot flashes: Flaxseed improves lipid profile without altering biomarkers of bone metabolism in postmenopausal women.


The Women’s Health lnitiative lnvestigators. A review of the clinical effects of phytoestrogens. Given these latest additions to our overall knowledge the policy of EMAS wil be to: JAMA,pp.

Clin Invest Gin Obst.

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The Management of the Menopause. Climateric, 3pp. Maturitas, 44pp.

The important issue after all is not the improperly named hormone replacement therapy [ 10 ]. The authors of these re-analyses of the HERS Study conclude that they did not identify any sub-groups of HERS participants in which postmenopausal treatment was clearly beneficial or harmful.

So the issue of possible effects of HT on cognitive function and brain aging in young postmenopausal women is still open until further, good-quality data are available.

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The Memphis randomized trial. Effects of estrogen plus progestin on health-related quality of life. Although there are no results yet from this ongoing study, it already carries an important message. We estuduo the study rationale and design. Hum Reprod, 16pp.