HDMI Compliance Test Specification. Version a. HDMI Licensing, LLC. Confidential. Page iv. Addition of test for Active cable and Converter. 3 HDMI Compliance Tests for Sink and Source. The HDMI specification distinguishes between primary formats and secondary formats. Primary formats. Workflow for running the HDMI EDID Compliance Tests. .. sections in the HDMI a Compliance Test specification: ▫ Source.

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In addition to the features in common with HDMI such as Complianc encrypted uncompressed high-definition video and eight-channel surround soundMHL also adds the provision of power charging for the mobile device while in use, and also enables the TV remote to control it. CEC also allows for individual CEC-enabled devices to command and control each other without user intervention. In our opinion, DisplayPort 1.

Archived from the original PDF on July 26, The annual fee is compilance upon the execution of the Adopter Agreement, and must be paid compllance the anniversary of this date each year thereafter. Other than improved audio and video capacity, performance, resolution and color spaces, newer versions have optional advanced features such as 3DEthernet data connection, and CEC Consumer Electronics Control extensions. Audiovisual connectors Audiovisual introductions in Computer connectors Computer display standards Digital display connectors Film and video technology High-definition television Japanese inventions Television technology Television terminology Television transmission standards Video signal.

Retrieved 31 January In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

gest Retrieved 2 May Retrieved April 8, Intel created the original technology to make sure that digital content followed the guidelines set by the Digital Content Protection group. Submit a Link Please Read the Rules. Retrieved from ” https: Also note that products are not required to implement all features of a version to be considered compliant with that version, as most features are optional. Apple Store — United States. The royalty fee structure is the same for all volumes. Retrieved August 11, Retrieved April 1, — via Microprocessor.


Teledyne LeCroy

Retrieved 15 September You cannot use version numbers by hdmk to define your product or component capabilities or the functionality of the HDMI interface. Same 19 Pins in Half the Size”.

They appear to be complliance schedule with that claim, as the HDMI. The release of the master specification is when engineers begin designing products, it typically takes at least a year usually more after the specificarion of the specification before products implementing it are released with exceptions for companies like Sony, who are one of the principle designers of HDMI and thus have a special advantage when it comes to developing hardware for new versions.

Retrieved October 29, Retrieved May 9, Please check the Adopted Trademark and Logo Usage Guideline for a complete explanation of the policy, available on the Adopter extranet and here.

Retrieved May 31, You 1.4 only use version numbers when clearly associating the version number with a feature or function as defined in that version of the HDMI Specification. To achieve even higher formats, HDMI 2. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


HDMI – Wikipedia

Korea Electric Terminal Co. Retrieved 15 February Personally, I expect that it will still be another year or so before products which implement meaningful 2. A version number does not imply anything at all about its feature support. Retrieved June 23, Archived from the original PDF on April 19, Archived from the original on November 7, The upshot is that it’s fairly likely that you won’t see products untilso don’t fret about not having 2.

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. Specificatin 6 December Audio and video connectors.


spfcification Retrieved September 20, Archived from the original PDF on February 18, It added the ability for manufacturers to create vendor-specific formats, allowing any arbitrary resolution and refresh rate rather than being limited to a pre-defined list of supported formats.

Of course, this is somewhat cumbersome notation which not everyone is happy with people like version numbersand the policy is not enforced very strongly, but there it is.

The HDMI standard was not designed to pass closed caption data for example, subtitles to the television for decoding. Retrieved January 11, Cables are available that contain the necessary electronics, but it is important to distinguish these active specofication cables from passive HDMI to VGA cables which are typically cheaper as they don’t include any electronics.

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